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Re: Symantec Corporate AntiVirus 8.0 - thoughts
From: ktyler () nautilus-ins com
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 10:01:10 -0700

I have also rolled out Symantec AV Corporate Edition. My only problem is
rolling out clients to the DMZ. Im not sure what ports to open for the
updates, and if ports are opened what security risks are involved.

The other issue is the virus definition are only downloaded once a week
(Wednesday), i fixed this by writing a simple script to download and
extract the definition file and put it in scheduler to run every morning.

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                                               Subject:  Re: Symantec Corporate AntiVirus 8.0 - thoughts                
                      11/06/2002 02:01                                                                                  

I just rolled it out across five sites with about 80 desktops & I'll have
to say it's been a lifesaver.  We are a mixed Novell/NT/Linux environment &
so far it's worked great.
All of the tools have worked as expected.  My only complaint is that there
isn't really a Linux piece for it.  I particularly like that I can lock
down the settings so that users can't disable things.

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Scott Plumlee <scott () plumlee org> 11/06/02 08:12AM >>>
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Anyone have any opinions on this for managing workstation virus
checkers?  Doing it by myself and trusting the users to update is
getting tedious.  I'm interested in anyone running it on a Novell
network especially.  What do each of the modules provide that you
like/don't like?

Windows client
Netware server package
System center
MMC snap ins
Rollout tool

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