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AW: Smurf ,land attacks
From: Fuchs Bernhard <Bernhard.Fuchs () itellium com>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 13:57:51 +0100

Hi there!

with "IP spoofing" you give a different source address to the packet. the
address is different to your real address. You do this for cloaking your
scan or if company A scans company B and spoofes the address of company c.
so company b thinks it is company c scanning them! o.k.? but company a will
not get any results back! this is mostly to cloak your own scan.

Smurf is a DoS-Attack (denial of service)
You Amplifi your ping through a big network. You ping a subnet like
x.x.x.255 with an SPOOFED IP-Adress and every computer on that big net
responses to the poor little machine  that has the IP-Adress. Think of class
B subnet with a few hosts reply to a ADSL connected machine... 1500kb
download and 196 kb upload :-)

land attack is a TCP SYN packet that has the ip address and port number for
the source set to the same as the ip address and port number for the
destination. the server connects to itself.

any comments?

by the way, google knows it too :-)

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Betreff: Smurf ,land attacks

Hi list,

Can someone give the EXACT differences btw

and IP soofing attacks.

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