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Re: Open All Outbound Ports?
From: Jens Rantil <jens.rantil () telia com>
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 12:24:16 +0100

Hi Tony,
Running your server with all outbound ports open is NOT secure. Even if the administrators claim they know all the 
applications using the ports they will never, for example, know when there is a trojan horse lying and waiting för an 
inbound connection...firewalling is a way to control which services which are open to the net and if they choose to let 
the internet itself control what the machine is doing, sure it's their decision (but it's stupid) but it is VERY 


On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 17:33:52 -0800 (PST)
tony tony <tonytorri () yahoo com> wrote:


Our firewall group has came to me several times over the last few months
wanting my approval to open all of the _OUTBOUND_ ports on our firewall facing
the internet.  Their argument is that this would not significantly reduce our
security and it will reduce their time/effort in administration.  They claim
they get several requests a week to open up out bound ports and the number
keeps growing each month. They want to go for the gusto_and open up all 65,000+
outbound ports.

I am in the security area and they want my agreement/sign off before they do
this.  It just does not _feel/smell right_ but I am losing ground with my
arguments.  What are some good arguments I can use?  


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