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Re: Secure e-mail
From: Johan De Meersman <johan () ops skynet be>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 13:17:44 +0100

Trevor Cushen wrote:

"You can encrypt your messages with PGP products (absolutely free)"

If you look at the end of your own email you will see it is free for
non-commercial use only.  If you sent the email from your work PC then
it is installed on a commercially used machine and you are in breach of
the license, not sure how it works for educational institutes, they may
be classed as non-commercial, but now for all software.  It is however
quite cheap compared with most solutions.

GnuPG, on the other hand, is entirely free (both as in speech and beer),
and is for most, if not all, practical purposes fully compatible and

However, I believe that such was not the original question - I think
that was more meant along the lines of 'secure applications'. One could,
for that purpose, consider VPNs, webmail over HTTPS, textmode (pine,
mutt, ...) or X11 applications over an SSH-tunnel, or possibly local
clients interfacing with the server over either secure versions of smtp,
pop and/or imap or regular versions pulled through an ssl-wrapper or

What a lovely sentence :)


Public GPG key at blackhole.pca.dfn.de .

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