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RE: Protect folder data.
From: webbi () sapc edu
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 01:25:13 -0500

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I have some highly confidential data that I frequently access on in a
that is on my desktop computer (ie win2k).  I want to make sure no one but
me will able to see this data.  Does anyone know of any freeware\shareware
that will 1) en-crypt the data in the folder and/or  2) require a password
to open up the folder?  I need to make sure a person like our lan admin or
desk top support person can not figure out a way to get to the data.

Win2k and XP with NTFS are able to encrypt files on your disk.
Just right click on your object and select Properties\Advanced.
It's not possible to see data without logging in with your account.

Yes, but if you're in a domain, there will always be a recovery agent. If
you need to keep your data so that no domain admin can do a recovery on it
and bypass your password, don't use EFS. (If I'm wrong about this, and
there's a way to turn off the recovery agent in a domain environment,
someone please correct me.) If you're not in a domain environment, or you
are but trust whoever has the recovery agent account, I'd highly recommend
the WinXP version of EFS over the Win2K version. XP uses your password as
the key, while 2K stores your certificate in your profile. This means that
if someone was to boot your 2K machine with EFS and change your password,
then log on as you with the new password, they'd be able to access your
encrypted files. In XP, any offline password change (one made without
entering your old password first) will make your encrypted files completely
inaccessible. I'm not sure if later changing your password back to the one
it was set to before the offline change will make them accessible again, or
if you permanently lose access.

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