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RE: Locking Cisco Router
From: "Christian Freas" <ChrisF () fairbankscapital com>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 16:57:05 -0500

This is a common issue and Cisco routers are no different than anything
else. If you have physical access you own the box.
Whether you have the skill to reset the password is a separate issue,
but all of the info necessary to do it is on the Cisco website. They
have a published password recovery plan. You need a console, and access
to the box. Short of epoxying the console port closed, there is no way
to prevent this.

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From: Chris Berry [mailto:compjma () hotmail com] 
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Subject: RE: Locking Cisco Router

From: "Vik Evans" <vik () packeteye com>
Or there is always the over-worked, in house IT person who ends up 
forgetting the password for what ever reason - what does he do now?

Being overworked is understandable, failing to keep an encrypted copy of
your passwords in case you forget is not, fire him.  (Take a look at 
PasswordSafe from www.counterpane.com 448bit blowfish encrypted storage)

However if this item is like most hardware I've worked with, there will
be a 
reset jumper or backup battery you can mess with inside the case that
clear all of the memory.

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