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RE: New scanner?
From: "newsletters" <listserv () citadelconsulting net>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 11:41:52 -0500


In addition to my assumptions, I told Jeremy to check the following to
verify an instance of CODERED compromise: 

"You need to search the system for root.exe and delete it. In addition
you need to check and reset the permissions for C:\inetpub\*. At a
minimum change the scripts directory to read only. Do a search on
bugtraq for codered II. That should give you a more detailed action

As you can see, this wasn't a knee-jerk reaction. I told Jeremy to check
into some things and perform due diligence before a rebuild. If my
assumptions are correct, and the system has been compromised, it would
be much safer to disconnect the system and rebuild it than to clean it
and risk a hidden backdoor. I understand this might not be feasible if
the system is a critical resource. That's why I gave him so alternatives
such as removing compromised files and checking/resetting permissions. 

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A couple of things...

First off, it's good that snort is running to catch
these things.

To CB...
"My opinion would be to rebuild the box with all
current patches and service packs."

Why?  Just b/c snort picked up the signatures, doesn't
mean that the box was actually compromised...does it? 
After all, the snort signatures are specific enough to
pick up the inbound signatures, but nothing from
Jeremy shows what the response codes from IIS are...do
they?  Jeremy didn't mention anything about the
server's responses, nor did he post the web logs.  In
fact, Jeremy never actually said which web server (if
any) he's running!

The assumption is that Jeremy is running IIS...and
this may actually be the case.  However, Jeremy's post
has only the snort signature titles, and nothing else.

What this shows is that there is still a propensity to
make assumptions, not only regarding posts such as
Jeremy's, but in incident response investigations, as well.

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