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RE: Protect folder data.
From: "Chris Berry" <compjma () hotmail com>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 11:05:40 -0800

I have some highly confidential data that I frequently access on in a
folder that is on my desktop computer (ie win2k). I want to make sure >no one but me will able to see this data. Does anyone know of any >freeware\shareware that will 1) en-crypt the data in the folder >and/or 2) require a password to open up the folder? I need to make >sure a person like our lan admin or desk top support person can not >figure out a way to get to the data.

Basically not possible, as long as they have admin rights, and are on the same network there is nothing you can do. If you absolutely require this information put it on a laptop that you keep in a locked box when you're not in your office. However, if you're just trying to prevent casual access (as in you don't believe they're actively trying to break into the data) then you could use GPG to encrypt the data and keep your keys on a floppy disk. This method could be cracked by either a small hidden camera in your office, remotely viewing your screen using something like VNC, or with a keylogger, but they would have to put out significant effort to do so.

Chris Berry
compjma () hotmail com
Systems Administrator
JM Associates

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