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Re: Protect folder data.
From: "Andreas Falck" <andreas1234567 () hotmail com>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 07:38:06 +0000

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| From: Steve Cooper [mailto:steve () nuclear-monkeys co uk]
| Sent: 19. november 2002 23:17
| Cc: SECURITY-BASICS () securityfocus com
| Subject: Re: Protect folder data.
| PGP, pretty good privacy is a good freeware utillity

Wrong. PGP is *NOT* freeware, even though it's a frequent term on pgpi.com. PGP is licenced, disclosed software, currently permitting use for no charge in non-commercial settings. Commercial use of PGP is heavyly charged. If you are looking for true open-source freeware, consider the PGP-compatible GPG (www.gnupg.org). There exist several front-ends to GPG, such as WinPT (www.winpt.org) for Win2k.

| Also if you have admin rights to
| your PC then you can change the security on the folder to only allow
| your user account access to the folder or files that you have
| encrypted.

Windows security settings only affects what Windows allows you to do.
This has nothing to do with encryption. One can easily access contents of a "secured" folder using another operating system, such as Linux.
Confidential information should *not* be secured by OS permissions only.


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