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Re: Need Help Building Linux Based Firewall
From: "Johannes Ullrich" <jullrich () euclidian com>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 16:16:29 -0500

1.  Which OS is considered the best suited for a firewall?
   hehe... flamewar time. many people say 'openbsd' here. 
  but linux is probably better supported and pretty good as

2.  What are the application/software required to be installed?
  openbsd and linux come with their own firewall code.
  (openbsd: packetfilter (pf), linux: iptables)

3.  What security conserns/issues I need to address?
  well, usually the week point is the firewall machine itself.
make sure it is hardened (disable services...)

4.  Should I use multiple processors?
   not required unless you try to handle lots and lots of
connections. In most cases, just get the cheapest box you
can find these days. Get two, so you have a second identical
as backup in case of catastrophic hardware failure.

5.  Any website for reference?
  if you go with Linux, I suggest Ziegler's book:
"Linux Firewalls" (New Rider).

Any help is very much appreciated here.

Many thanks.


jullrich () euclidian com             Collaborative Intrusion Detection
                                         join http://www.dshield.org

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