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RE: Blocking personal email
From: "James B. Lawton" <jblii () attbi com>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 12:40:04 -0500

There are definitely solutions other than blocking Hotmail, Yahoo Mail,
etc.  Nee cee mentions MIMEsweeper; more accurately he should have said
http://www.us.mimesweeper.com/products/msw/websweeper/default.asp  This
is an HTTP proxy that supports 3rd party AV products including most of
the major vendors.  We've been using it for about 6 months and it works
fine, although it has taken some fine-tuning and there is a minor
performance decrease on the client end.  Scalability of this type of
solution can be an issue if your organization is very large, or if you
have multiple Internet access points.  (We are about 1200 desktops) and
have 2 Internet access points.

There are other gateway products that support antivirus scanning.  I
believe Symantec has one that is quite good.


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From: nee cee [mailto:nc () phat co nz] 
Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2002 6:00 PM
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Subject: Re: Blocking personal email

With regards to the outlook mail you could perhaps look at a commercial
content scanning products (there is probably open source around) like
MailMarshall, Mail Essentials or MimeSweeper. I use the first one with a
comand line virus scanner and have not had an email virus since i
installed it. You may need to change email policies if blocking someones
existing access.


"Tim V - DZ " <iceburn () dangerzone com>
28/11/2002 02:52 AM

Subject: Blocking personal email

In a company using the exchange / outlook combination is there any way
to block users from using outlook to receive non-exchange mail?  We are
concerned about people adding their personal email to the Outlook
accounts and subsequently being exposed to more viruses.  The mail that
goes through exchange is guaranteed to be scanned before it's viewed.  I
know that POP3 and SMTP can be blocked by ports, but what about services
like HOTMAIL where outlook can use HTTP to retrieve mail?  Is the only
solution to block that site (making it so users can't see any hotmail
pages in the browser either)?



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