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Re: setting access restrictions on external drive
From: jamesworld () intelligencia com
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 08:41:46 -0600


That is absolutely not true. If you can, please post the URL to the MS page. If that was so.... I don't even want to go down that thread. Try creating a folder on C: call it anything. create a folder or 2 under it. Try setting security permission on it. They will work, out side of the Documents & Settings folder.

I just did this on a removable drive and it worked.

I logged in as a non administrator (basic user) and my security tab was grayed out.

At 21:08 12/22/2003, J. Yoon wrote:
thanks for your advice but unfortunately if it was that simple I would not have posted here... The drive is already formated NTFS (not fat32) and I've tried setting the security tab to restrict others from access but it's completely grayed out.

When I searched the Microsoft website about this problem, it says that only folders and files in Documents/Settings dir can have access restrictions...
Still I'm wondering if there's a way...

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Subject: Re: setting access restrictions on external drive
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Format the drive using NTFS  (it's prolly FAT32 be default)

Then with NTFS, you can set ACL's via the security tab.

Give your self access and everyone else DENY access. This plus your encryption should do the trick.

You must of course have physical security of the device. Someone could pick the unit up, and plug it into their laptop, take administrative ownership of everything and still be able to delete your stuff. Maybe even decrypt it if they can get the recovery key from your system or break the crypto......or of corse thing the things is broken and format it to do you a 'favor' :-)

At 15:13 12/22/2003, J. Yoon wrote:
I have an external USB drive using Windows XP file system,
I have turned on encryption so that other users can't access the files
but they can still view and browse the folders
or even "delete" the encrypted files it if they wanted to.

I've read on microsoft website that you can only
restrict files/folders if you put them inside your Documents & Settings folder,
but since this is an external drive it's not possible.

How then, do I set this so that other users can't see or access anything inside folders that i restrict?
I would like to know if this is possible without using 3rd party software...


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