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RE: locked out of XP, need file access
From: Joey Peloquin <jpelo1 () jcpenney com>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 12:32:48 -0600


->To preface, I apologize if I am wrong.  I also expect to be
->bashed for
->being harsh, but sometimes reality stings.

On the contrary, I'm surprised someone, including myself, hasn't brought
this up before.  Or recently, at least, if it has been brought up before.

->A question that I have, is that if the box is his, and those
->files are his
->(and are important), how did he suddenly just "forget" the
->admin password?
-> What has he been using to log in on a daily basis?  Why isn't the
->password for this box the same as the other local admin
->passwords on the
->network?  Why is he administrating an XP box and then throwing up
->comparisons to Windows 98 PWL files?  Why not connect to the
->network and
->log on with domain administrator rights?  If he does not have
->the access,
->why not call their helpdesk and have one of the
->administrators do this?

ALL very valid questions.  

Naturally, it is very possible he _did_ forget his password ... We've all
done it.  However, it's also entirely possible the scenario Grimshaw laid
out below is right-on.  

What I'd like to know is why someone is using the Admin account on a WinXP
box (or ANY multi-user box, for that matter) as if it was a regular user?
Do you realize the power you're giving away when an exploit yields
privileges *of the logged-on user*?

By the way, I would caution against setting every local admin password the
same, network-wide.  It could be the difference between cleaning up one
"owned" server, as opposed to dealing with a data center *full* of "owned"

->While I agree that sharing of wisdom is vital to the growth of this
->mailing list, the temperance of such wisdom should be considered.  I
->shared this email with my co-workers, and we all thought a
->laptop fell out
->of the back of a truck into the requestor's lap.
->Perhaps it is because I do not trust email's originating from
->a hotmail
->address asking for a hack.   Anyone can get a hotmail address
->with any
->information provided.  

This is precisely why I typically don't answer these types of questions.

Thanks for saying what I'm sure a lot of us were thinking.

Joey Peloquin

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