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Steganography in the wild.
From: "Mark Blair" <coelcoeth () cox net>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 15:07:26 -0600

Dear List,

   First, an apology to those on both security-basics and forensics,
you will get this twice.

   My name is Mark Blair and I am a senior at the University of Central
Oklahoma.  I am writing a paper on steganography, for of all things, a
Technical Writing course.  I will tell you what I have done, and then I
will make my request.

   I have searched the ACM online portal, the university library, Google,
and the securityfocus archives.  I have had excellent results.  Currently,
I have more papers sitting in front of me than I can digest in one semester.
I have hit some of the major steganography web sites and have downloaded
all the free and open source steganography/steganalysis software that I
can find.

   The information and tools that I have are enough for a passing grade;
however, I wish to add some original research to the report.  To do this
I will do two things.  I will use the software that I have to analyze images
from web sites and Usenet groups that look promising.  The second point is
where I make my request to you.

   I would like to interview as many people as I can that have experience
in this field.  The questions will range from what papers and software
you find important, to gritty details of implementation, analysis, and
findings.  I would also like you to forward this request to anyone that
is not on this list, but might be interested in this report.

   Since this report may be published outside the scope of my course,
if you wish to remain anonymous I will honor that request.  If anyone
wishes to see the informal proposal to my professor (later to be
formalized), or wishes to see my resume, please contact me and I will
send a Microsoft Word 2000 document or a hard copy.

    Thank you for your time,
    Mark Blair

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