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Re: MD5 Syntax problem
From: "Vlad Tsyrklevich" <vlad () zoomstats org>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 10:39:54 -0800

Michael, echo and md5sum are very basic commands that I would think he would understand. I thought so because he was smart enough to find md5 -c blah-blah-blah -d blah. and I believe echo does exist in DOS (not sure about redirection but still pretty sure). Most basic *N?X commands can be found in DOS.

Chris, If you are reading this, all it did was create a file and put the string "testing for mailing list" into the file called testfile, then it found the md5 of it to be 31747f4c8bbdf8c2e64cd2f6bf3b0c19. I then put "31747f4c8bbdf8c2e64cd2f6bf3b0c19 testfile" into a file called md5 and executed md5sum -c md5, meaning the md5sum command looked into the file md5 and checked if all the md5's in it were equal.

Michael Aghayere writes:
It you would have been more helpful if you had explained what each of
your commands did or preferably sent Chris off to someplace where he
could glean more information on md5 checksums.
Spewing out UNIX commands like that only helps at widening the gap
between "us" in the *nix world and "them" in Windows world. Best Regards, Michael Aghayere
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From: Vlad Tsyrklevich [mailto:vlad () zoomstats org]
Sent: 12 February 2003 23:51
To: Chris Berry
Cc: windows2000 () freelists org; security-basics () securityfocus com
Subject: Re: MD5 Syntax problem
On my Slackware box I have no problems when I put the actual md5 into
file, example:
[~:core-dump] echo "testing for mailing list" > testfile
[~:core-dump] md5sum testfile
31747f4c8bbdf8c2e64cd2f6bf3b0c19  testfile
[~:core-dump] echo "31747f4c8bbdf8c2e64cd2f6bf3b0c19  testfile" > md5
[~:core-dump] md5sum -c md5
testfile: OK
[~:core-dump] Try that.
 -Vlad Tsyrklevich

-Vlad Tsyrklevich

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