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Re: e-mail policies
From: <mweatherford () cox net>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 16:11:00 -0500


Chris's comments are right on the mark.  If the policy is loosley defined or open to interpretation, guess what...it 
will be impossible to enforce.  No one wants to appear too autocratic but if you have a strict policy, it will keep 
those employees with a tendency to "fly to close to the flame" from doing something they'll regret.  It will also save 
you tons of time from those who want to nit-pick the details and from having to deal with disciplinary issues.  

I've had both strictly defined and loosely defined policies regarding email and, without a doubt, strict is better.  
You will inevitibly have a few who are unhappy with the policy but for consistency and long-term benefit of ALL the 
employees, you'll be better off.

- kram
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From: "chris" <chris () byteme no>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 1:15 AM
Subject: RE: e-mail policies

Dear gurus

We are defining policies for the use of corporate e-mail, I have doubts
about privacy of messages sent by employees. Since the e-mail system is
intended for business use, we need to prevent sensitive information
disclosure. If we respect the privacy , how can discover infidelity
 What is your opinion or the standard in this cases? What is the
companies approach?

Thanks a lot.

Pablo A. C. Gietz
Jefe de Seguridad Informática
Nuevo Banco de Entre Ríos S.A.
Te.: 0343 - 4201351


Although I'm not a guru, I'll give you my opinion (probably not the standard

Define strict policies.  Make it clear that the corporate e-mail is not for
personal use.  Why?  Because studies on the use of corporate e-mail show
that the productivity, in many cases, is decreased.  Sending personal e-mail
to colleagues or people outside the corporation generates expectations on
reply, and results in the habit of checking for new mail very often, and
therefore interrupts work.
There you go - no need for privacy anymore.  Now you can install e-mail
filters, e.g. based on words that's not acceptable in corporate messages,
and bust infidel employees.

- chris

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