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RE: Sniffing in switched network
From: "Lim Meng Koon" <ccelimmk () nus edu sg>
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 11:53:12 +0800

Not too sure if there are any ways at all, especially if we are talking about a mixed platform network.
If you have a single platform network, perhaps some proprietry solution might be available from that platform vendor.
Cisco, has a arp watch feature on the new Cat6509 CatOS 7.5, which I have not tried out.
meng koon

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        Subject: RE: Sniffing in switched network

        What are ways to prevent sniffing on a switch?
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        have you checked out dsniff?
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        Subject: Sniffing in switched network
        I've read through some documentation about sniffing the
        switched network. There are some arp-cache methods to
        discover a sniffing host (switched or "normal" network
        is not important here I think), if it is the switched
        network will I get the result I want, or first I have
        to become a  sniffer also (i.e. arp-poison the switch
        cache) - to get the responses that will tell me who is
        the sniffer?
        Most documentation I read is somewhat old (2 years), is
        everything aleady well known and described in this
        subject or are there any running projects?
        Thanks for help,

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