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Re: Non Disclosure Agreements
From: "David J. Bianco" <bianco () jlab org>
Date: 09 May 2003 15:08:30 -0400

On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 13:09, Tim Heagarty wrote:

I can only disclose vulns in the system to the customer and to my client.
The customer cannot disclose vulns that I find in their system to anyone but
the vendor/my client.

I feel like my hands would be tied. If I found something that I felt was
major and the vendor did not then I could not expose it to bugtraq or
anywhere else to protect the safety and privacy of the end user. Not even
the vendor's customer could expose the holes in their system without the
vendor's approval.

This is quite normal, and I think entirely appropriate.  The vendor in
this case is your client.  They're paying you to do some work for them,
so I think it would be a serious ethical breach for you to publish
vulnerability information based upon work done on their dime.  If you're
allowed to disclose the vulnerability to the end client, then that
should be good enough.  If they agree it's a serious vulnerabilty, they
can take it up with their vendor (your client) directly and there's no
need for you to become involved.  On the other hand, if they don't
believe it's a serious vulnerability, and you can't convince them 
otherwise, that's their responsibility.  As a consultant, all you can
do is point the way.  Others have to want to go there of their own free


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