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Re: Distressing, possibly life threatening emails from free accounts (yahoo, hotmail
From: Shawn Duffy <pakkit () codepiranha org>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 13:49:10 -0400 (EDT)

You need to get the original headers from the recipient of the message.
That will have the sender's IP address.  From there you can send the
headers to Yahoo's abuse department (don't know the address offhand).  Who
knows if it will actually be addressed by them but that is all you can do.

If they ARE life-threatening then your best bet is to contact your local
law enforcement agency, give them the headers and the emails, and they
will submit a subpoena or search warrant to Yahoo for user records.  Yahoo
HAS to respond to those.  However, if the offending user is outside the
US, there still may ne nothing they can do.  Though Yahoo will close the
account.  Either way, you will never know the identity of the real sender,
at least from this... the law enforcement agency won't tell you who it is
once they have the records, nor should they, and neither will Yahoo.

Shawn Duffy, CCNA CCSE
email: pakkit at codepiranha dot org
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On Wed, 28 May 2003, Jay Woody wrote:

Send them an e-mail telling them they have won $1,000,000 and you need
their name and address.


P.S. We just went through this too and there is basically nothing.  We
started blocking mail from that address, but they can just get another
one if they are really persistent.  We changed the person's e-mail
address also, from John.Smith to John.X.Smith or something like that too
for external mail.  About all you can do is get the police or FBI
involved.  Sorry.

"steve baker" <stephenbbaker () hotmail com> 05/27/03 11:38AM >>>
One of our users has received questionable and possibly life
emails from a yahoo account that was created recently.  They have
us to find out as much as we can pertaining to the person sending it.

Of course, we are not YAHOO so we cannot determine anything about the
other than the content.

How can we find out who sent this?

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