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A hobby.
From: Mandy Amnell <mandy_amnell () hotmail com>
Date: 9 Nov 2003 08:28:41 -0000

Hi experts :-)

I'm posting here with a bunch of questions to you guys, that you will hopefully be able to shed light on.

I have been using linux for about 3 years now and for each day that passes security, coding and the like is getting my 
attention more and more.

See the thing is, everything I have learned so far I did by myself from online material, guides, tutorials, and so on. 
I have gotten to a point where I feel that I am stuck though. I started coding c for about 6 months ago, I have had no 
books nor education in the field although I feel I have gotten pretty far without it. I have been able to write a few 
small programs based on networking, and just recently begun reading up on how to code using raw sockets, (god the 
headache of writing packet headers!)

Very recently I also got into testing buffer overflows, how they work and alittle touch of assembly, although it's very 
hard and a bit confusing for someone like me. I was able to put together a "vulnerable" test program, and then on to 
make a simple tool to exploit it, interesting stuff indeed!

There's so many whys, hows though, this is the part where I am stuck. I don't work with computers, never have. This is 
purely a hobby and I find it very interesting todo this kind of stuff, self-satisfaction I guess.

I think the big question is how to proceed for my part? How can I fill in all the missing links, how to understand all 
this a bit better? A proper education is out of the question because of economical reasons plus the fact that this is 
purely a hobby.

Since I have no books about this stuff or related things I was thinking maybe you could recommend some?

Basically I think I understand enough about Networking itself (Probably not) but anyway I was thinking more like 
programming books, stuff that someone like me can understand and make use of :-)

Assembly Book?
Perhaps more general books?

You can tell me how you started out, maybe give me a few pointers, other than education. I figured, I have gotten this 
far, why stop now.

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