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Re: bash_history to track users
From: "Jack Whitsitt (jofny)" <seclists () violating us>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 11:39:56 -0500 (EST)

The ONLY thing this would useful for is being able to backtrack a  clue-less user.  A
malicious user with clue will do what he wants and  then go hand edit the bash history.
After all, it's in his home
directory and he owns it.

That's not entirely accurate. It's fairly easy to modify bash to log this file elsewhere...and
it should not be much harder to have it log to two locations with different permissions...
This makes the discussion a little bit more interesting..

Without hacking the code, though, I suppose you can write a script to parse the output of "w"
and have it add items as they change.


What kind of an environment are you trying to secure - is this a
business where you can use something like a key stroke logger? or is  it open to the



At 12:44 AM -0500 11/6/03, Joe Szilagyi wrote:
Hi everyone,

Is there any way to totally keep track of users, to the degree of adding timestamps and
hostnames to each entry in the server's .bash_history files?

The especially wonderful thing would be able to have .bash_history record the IP/hostname
the person responsible is logging in from, i.e., if I'm in as root from host
'barney.gumble.com', and I run command 'y', I want history to show like, this, and same
from other people logging in...

114 barney.gumble.com passwd marge
115 barney.gumble.com adduser moe
116 cd /etc/conf/httpd
117 vi httpd.conf
118 barney.gumble.com pico .bachrc

...and so on. Is this possible?
Regards, Joe

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