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RE: Suggested "safe" password length
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 12:33:36 -0500

The older LanMan system had a limit of 14 characters which was broken into
two 7-character pieces and stored in separate hashes.  So a 9-character
password under LM is really no stronger than a 7-character password.  NTLMv2
I believe has a 127 character limit and stores it in one hash.  If your
password is less than 15 characters though Windows will store it both ways.

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|Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2003 11:22 AM
|To: Simon Gray; Ashish Sharma
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|Subject: Re: Suggested "safe" password length
|Ashish. I don't have a pw-length recommendation. However, I've 
|heard that 
|windows only uses the first 8 characters -- of course, someone 
|may correct me.
|Everything I've read concurs with Simon on coming up with 
|strong passwords. 
|I've read in several places (,maybe many) about coming up with 
|from a phrase and doing some substitution -- From my 
|experience travelling 
|last week, for instance --
|O'hare airport is a horrible place to spend the night.
|A "translation" of the first letter of each word -- includes upper and 
|lower; numbers, even a non-alpha-number character. And trust me, I'll 
|remember that phrase for a long time :-)
|The lastest stats I read were under 4 seconds if the word was in the 
|dictionary, even with minor substitutions. Whereas something 
|like this was 
|not cracked in a a few days.
|Good luck !!

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