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RE: Managed OS?
From: "Tiago Halm" <thalm () netcabo pt>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 17:04:34 -0000

As far as I can understand, Longhorn will be built using Win32 API.
Windows OS functionality is vast and some of it could be accessed using
.NET, or COM. What could not be accessed directly using COM or .NET could be
somewhat overcome using declares (VB) and dllimport (.NET).
C/C++ is, of course, unlimited to that respect.

The main difference is that **all** OS functionality in Longhorn, will be
now be accessible using **directly** managed code (.NET), meaning that there
will be a whole range of classes to deal with every functionality of the
operating system.

Tiago Halm

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Subject: Managed OS?

I have some questions about forth comming Operating
System by Microsoft code named "LongHorn". I have read
on microsoft.com that this OS will be first ever OS
that will be built with managed code.
Now if I am right that would mean that it would and
should eliminated all Buffer Over flows theoratically

and also I wanted to know that can an entire OS be
built with managed code?

If so if Microsoft is developing the OS with managed
Code that would mean no WIN32?? and that would be a
complete rewrite ?? or just the same code will be
compiled with buffer over flow protection on some
intelligent compiler.??
As far as I know all technologies like .NET or MFC
were all built on top of WIN32 API,  and it is the
official langauage of Microsoft (though we had some
limited support for POSIX and OS/2 libraries).

If I am right what would happen to legacy applications
built on Win32 ??

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