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Re: Is The RPC a Protocol or a winXP-Service?
From: "mlist" <mlist () budget co nz>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:53:06 +1300

What is The RPC exactly  ?
The RPC  is a Protocol  or a winXP-win2000-Service or a Port?
www.Rabertgraham.com  says that it is a Protocol .
My windows says it is a Service .
Some other articles says that it is a Port .

IMO, RPC itself is a protocol, but it's perfectly valid to refer
to the RPC port, or service...  I guess the problem is definitions.

A protocol is similar to a language - a defined way for two programs
to talk to each other.  So there is an RPC protocol that defines how
you talk RPC to another (Windows) computer.

A port is similar to a TV channel - a program can choose which 'channel'
it wants to use to communicate.  The RPC program on Windows always uses
the same port(s?) to communicate, so those are the RPC ports.

A service is simply a program that runs on Windows, designed to perform
a task - like a daemon on Unix.  The file sharing service, the DNS 
lookup service, the contact Microsoft with your personal details service
(heh heh)... so the RPC service is the program running that listens to
the RPC port and implements the RPC protocol :)

[""Various errors with :
Some servers are misconfigured to map this address.
On the other hand, it is also a hacker technique
to cause names within the hacker domain to resolve
to addresses within a company (including localhost/""]

And my question is :
How do they (Crackers) do that ?

My guess would be mucking around with the hosts file...


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