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Re: Firewalls, Routers, and Bears ... oh, my
From: DRAx <dra.x () ifrance com>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 12:17:16 +0000

Kevin wrote:


Obviously, most folks on this list are involved in security for a
living. If no one minds I'd like to take an off the cuff, partially
personal, partially professional survey of everyone's preferences in
regards to firewalls and IDSs.

You may reply to me off-list if you feel it more appropriate but I'd
really appreciate a response.

In particular, I'd like to know the general preference for integrated
firewall routers or other firewall hardware options versus roll-your-own
options. This goes for IDS options as well. I realize that some folk's
opinions may be in opposition to the reality at their place of
employment. Along the same lines, if anyone has a particular combination
that they have found to be particularly wonderful then I would love to
hear that too. i.e. snort with checkpoint fw-1, etc.

I realize I asked a lot but however much of my questioning you'd like to
answer would be appreciated.

With any luck many of you will respond on list and this will ignite the
great firewall flame wars.


<opinion type="personal">
Inexpensive solution:
A little x86 box, iptables, and bob's your uncle !

Expensive solution:
Cisco router + ACLs

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