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Re: Firewalls, Routers, and Bears ... oh, my
From: Byron Sonne <blsonne () rogers com>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 20:21:36 -0500

In particular, I'd like to know the general preference for integrated
firewall routers or other firewall hardware options versus roll-your-own

Well, I'll fire the opening salvo here ;)

Preferences? That's easy. OpenBSD with pf and snort. Snort pretty much rules over anything else out there, commercial or not. Look it up. Not to mention you get to see the source. Tweak rules, add your own, whatever, it's all good. At home I'm running the personal version of Puresecure from Demarc, and I'm pretty happy. It is snort based and logs to sql.

I distrust/dislike pretty much any commercial offering right off the bat. Why? I think we've all seen how fast your typical businesses move and I'm inclined to belive that it holds true for firewall/IDS manufactures as well. Throw in disgustingly high licensing fees along with interfaces that sometimes abstract away the really low level and useful details... need I continue? Oh yeah... I can't see the innards most of the time. I'm supposed to trust this magical black box to implement things properly, and protect my network? No way. I don't care if they do have a guarantee, guarantees don't mean a thing except that they'll give you a refund or money when they screw up. Open source has them beat hands down in this regard.

Not to mention that any product that says you can just drop it in and basically forget it is a recipe for disaster. Would you drop your kids off at a private school or day-care and not keep a close eye on how they're doing or inquire as to any problems or abuse they might be subjected to? Some things, by their very nature, require careful attention and constant tuning. Any suggestion or course of action to the otherwise that is pursued is that of a fool, or the CIO who saw some commercial on TV last night and decided to foist the product upon his company.

If there's one thing I don't like, it's any product by Checkpoint, especially the windows ones. I think the interface is absolutely hideous and makes the job way harder than it needs to be. Licensing is terrible too, in my opinion.


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