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Re: ARP spoofing attacks
From: Markus Schabel <markus.schabel () tgm ac at>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 20:45:42 +0200

Matthias Vallentin wrote:
you can't enable port-security on access points (wlan), can you? how
can you protect yourself again wireless arp cache poisoning? once an
attacker is associated with the network, he can sniff all the traffic
and perform arp-attacks and put himself in a MITM-position... would a
strong authentication be a solution for this problem?

i think not, even if you are logged in in an encrypted wlan, you are
able to sniff all traffic when you use arp-spoofing. sure, you have no
possibility to sniff if you are not authenticated, but once you have
access to the wlan, you can sniff.

best regards, Markus



* Chris Moody <cmoody () qualcomm com> [Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:32:16 -0700

The best way i know of thus far is to enable "port security" in
some form or another.  Cisco switches can lock the port down to
only allow a certain MAC.  If you spoof...the port drops.

Arpwatch and a NIDS can also watch for this type of traffic...but
it is spotty and requires the architecture/heirarchy to be setup
correctly for it to work properly.

Cheers, -Chris

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Amit Agrawal wrote:

Hi I have a question...How do u secure against ARP spoofing
attacks...If not the whole subnet...I want to be sure that no one
spoofs the IP of my gateway.


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