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RE: Microsoft Access security
From: Joerg Over Dexia <over () dexia de>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 11:06:31 +0200


Sorry, I've been away for some days.

Am 07:01 28.04.2004 -0500 teilte Sanjay K. Patel mir folgendes
->I dont mean to sound really stupid but for some reason I am not
getting it. 
->What tool can I use to convert from ASCII back to text?

Let's start with the O in :)Orwjwlrju)Yu&#402;)\}n);<99, just for

You look up O in any ascii table, like for example
You can see O is decimal 79. You subtract 9, get 70, that is F.

Now you got the F.

Next letter in :)Orwjwlrju)Yu&#402;)\}n);<99 is r.

You look up r in any ascii table.
You can see r is decimal 114. You subtract 9, get 105, that is i.

Now you got the Fi.
Continue like that and you get "Financial" for "Orwjwlrju".

You can also take the letters and do sth like this (this is
perlish pseudocode which might even work):

foreach $cletter ( split(//,':)Orwjwlrju)Yuƒ)\}n);<99' ) {
print chr(ord($cletter) -9);

I believe the equivalent functions in basic for ord() and chr()
are asc() and chr(), with those you could hack an equivalent

Hope that helps, JO

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