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Re: Secure FTP server for Windows
From: "J. Ottosson" <j-001 () ottosson nu>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 12:57:50 +0100

On 3 Dec 2004 at 9:31, Derek Fountain wrote:

Can anyone recommend an FTP server for Windows which has been written with

security in mind? I only really know such things about Linux (where vsftpd
is the obvious choice)

Really? I'd say "pure ftpd" is a pretty obvious choice too, not to say
vsftpd is not good though ;)

  "Pure-FTPd is actively supported, and it was always designed with
   security in mind, and the code is always re-audited as new kind of
   vulnerabilities are discussed."

  "Unlike other popular FTP servers, the number of root exploits found
   since the very first released version is zero."


Good features for both personal as well as demanding professional use, nice
dev attitude and approach and so on.

but I've been asked to recommend a Windows2000 or
WindowsXP product.

Someone told me Cerberus was pretty desent (for Win32)

I really cannot say for sure one way or the other, you may wanna have a look
at it though. (It all depends on how many 'enterprise-style' bells-and-
whistles-features you need too.)

 J├Ârgen Ottosson
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