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RE: Roaming Firewall Solution Information
From: "Keith Bucknall (Home)" <keith.bucknall () zen co uk>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 15:20:28 -0000

Hi there

I am looking into the Cisco CSA agent software, take a look at www.cisco.com
for more detials



Many thanks.....

Mr Keith Bucknall

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From: G.Crow [mailto:secure.computing () gmail com] 
Sent: 10 December 2004 01:16
To: security-basics () lists securityfocus com
Subject: Roaming Firewall Solution Information


I'm seeking a firewall solution that I can deploy on my mobile users
laptops.  I've done some research into this, but in my position I've
been extremely pressed for time lately, and don't know if I can get
the research done in the near future, especially since quotes for the
products I'm familiar with are hard to come by for business users. 
Any experiences, help, or recommendations into this are more than

Basically I'm tired of worrying if my users are going to bring home
the next big thing.  I know what I'd pick for myself, but I'm not so
sure what is so good for end users - I'm looking for something I can
set up a base template of rules for and leave running without forcing
my users to make 'hard' choices in the field - and therefore call me. 
I'm not currently looking at one of the centrally managed firewall
solutions, primarily for cost reasons - I'm doing this outside of the
central IT budget for a subset of users specific to my facility.  I
haven't seen any particular studies on this issue, and testing all the
various products out there isn't in my immediate time scope.

My criteria/situation is as follows:

-Environment:  Mixed Win2k SP4/WinXP SP1 laptops.  Varied hardware. 
~20-30 or so.
-Budget:  $50 a head or so, lower preferable, but variance is allowed.
-Desired features:  Importable rulesets, local logging, user-friendly
(as they *will* end up making it ask about some traffic)
 -Compatibility:  Cisco VPN Client, Novell, Internal web apps, i.e.
nothing too extreme except for possibly the Cisco client -Timeframe: 
Trying to get this purchased before 2005

 I've looked into ZoneAlarm and Checkpoint Integrity, but Zone Labs is
elusive in which product they will license to business customers, and
at what price, so I'm unsure even of what product to test.  Checkpoint
seems a little pricey for the simplified solution I'm going for -
however unlike ZoneAlarm and Tiny, I haven't played with it to be
sure.  My experience with Tiny has been anything but user-friendly, a
key concern.  I also haven't used recent versions, so I don't know if
it's improved.  Kerio I haven't used, and I'm unsure of other
client-based unmanaged firewalls to check out.

Thank you for any help you can provide,

secure dot computing at gmail d0t com

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