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RE: GOTOMYPC Corporate?
From: "Graydon McKee" <graydon.s.mckee.iv () orcmacro com>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 09:12:00 -0500

We are using it here with pretty good results.  One of the benefits is that the user can access
their machine from any other machine without the need for special VPN software or hardware.  We
don't have any issues with HIPAA or PHI so that was never a factor for us.  The only thing that
causes a concern for me right now is that every machine that has it loaded is constantly connecting
to the gotomypc servers via port 8200.  gotomypc is rather closed mouthed about this and only
indicates that they utilize "unused bandwidth" and this does not cause an issue.  Granted that may
be the case but I have been concerned when 18% of my current bandwidth consists of these machines
connecting to gotomypc even when they are not in use.  Since the decision to utilize this software
was decided at paygrades above mine, I can only monitor the situation and gather information.  When
I find issues with its use then I'll make a move to re-evaluate the deployment of gotomypc.  

Aside from that one issue, our experience has been rather positive.  

Graydon S McKee IV - GSEC
Firewall/Security Administrator
ORC Macro - Macro International
11785 Beltsville Drive
Calverton, Maryland 20705
301-572-0583 Fax: 301-572-0982
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From: Scott.Swenka () sunhealth org [mailto:Scott.Swenka () sunhealth org] 
Sent: Friday, March 05, 2004 12:20 PM
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Subject: GOTOMYPC Corporate?

So what is the general consensus on GOTOMYPC Corporate?

Personally, I don't have alot of trust or warm and fuzzy feelings about it,
due to the risks it poses, and the possible potential of PHI
(Private/Personal Health Information), and Financial data being leaked out.
As well as the concerns with it pertaining to HIPAA compliancy.

What is everyones elses feelings on it?

Personally, I would rather have them come in on a VPN client, and use a
internal VNC (or other remote desktop) solution.

Scott C. Swenka
Network Security
Sun Health Corporation


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