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RE: passwords in asp pages
From: "Aditya, ALD [Aditya Lalit Deshmukh]" <aditya.deshmukh () online gateway technolabs net>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 15:51:22 +0530

I am new to security and I have no training in asp programming, 
so I am wondering if I am right in being scared of the following 

this fear is a wonderful thing, it prevents you from making silly mistakes because you double check any thing.
A IIS based website which has asp pages which contain plaintext 
passwords for credentials to an sql database on another machine.  
The passwords are in between <% %> so I assume that means they 
are only processed on the server and the user does not see them, 
and there do not seem to be any .inc files calling these pages.  
The server is also up to date with patches as far as I know.

there are many iis and windows bugs that make reading the explit or gain this info very eaisily, i dont know your 
network setup but in cases where i have to do something like this, i keep the sql server in another subnet and it has 
rules that allow only from the ip of the webserver and that too on the non std port ( not 1433 ) on which the sql 
server in running....

having passwords in plain text is really not good, use any algo like md5 to encrypt the passwd and use that in your 
program, also make it impossible for any one to replace this hash because if i can replace this hash, then i can 
compute the hash before hand and replace it on your server and know the password, 

since you are uning windows 2000, setup a ipsec vpn beteen the 2 computers and only allow secure  communication and 
remove all the useless users and programs, ( in short harden the system, find thses inst on ms website )

when I said that they could be 
viewed if their source was viewed, by telling me that they would 
be only processed by the server itself, which still doesn't make 
me feel good at all.

there are tons and tons of bugs that allow you to view source code of any system or file.


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