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RE: SPYWARE detection
From: "Bill Geschwind" <geschwin () email unc edu>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 13:57:41 -0500

SpyBot and Ad-aware are a decent way to protect against spyware, and if
you have lots of workstations under your umbrella, this does not have to
be prohibitive. I have been working on a way to install and run SpyBot
automatically and as unobtrusively as possible over our network. It does
require a little bit of tweaking. If you are interested, I have written
up how I did this and what my testing has found in a Word document which
you can find here:



Bill Geschwind, CNE, MCSE
Technical Assistance Manager
Department of Technology and Systems Support 
Division of Student Affairs, University of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill
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From: Mike [mailto:mike () superiorholidayadventures ca] 
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Subject: RE: SPYWARE detection

Microsoft's ISA server is a good example of an application layer proxy:

There are many ways to "block" spyware:

* You can blacklist domains that are known for these spyware programs
when they phone home.  These, I'm sure, would change.. making a
management nightmare.
* You could use a Group Policy and deny running a list of .exe's known
to belong to spyware.  Again, things change, management nightmare.
* There's always SpyBot and Ad-Aware.  A decent way to protect against
spyware.. but if you've got a lot of workstations under your umbrella,
this method could prove to be prohibitive.
* You could use a "Watchdog" type of card

There are many methods to deal with the plague that is spyware/adware.
Those are just some of my ideas.

Mike Fetherston


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