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Re: FW: Legal? Road Runner proactive scanning.[Scanned]
From: "Bryan S. Sampsel" <bsampsel () libertyactivist org>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 19:11:09 -0700 (MST)

Derek Schaible said:

OK, the analogies are getting really silly.

Some of 'em.  But I've tried to keep mine relevant...and despite a
previous, obnoxious response, I'd say I have.  However, analogies are
about the only way to discuss the concepts and try to separate them from
the technical "yeah this can be accomplished" part of the thread.  If
that's too much for you, I apologize...

Can we put this to rest? If you don't know how to block port scans,
maybe the question "How do I prevent portscanning?" should be asked.
Regarding its legality is pointless - its meaningless, the act of it is
harmless. Worse case? Your log files get filled up - maybe your logging
is too agressive?? Abusive packets sent? this is a DoS and bears no
responsibility to scanning. Any open port can be DoS'd. Your host does
*not* need be scanned for this sort of activity to occur.

Just what do we hope to accomplish by continuing this thread??

Well, if you don't understand the point, then I'd say there's little I
could ever say to make you understand.

I can and do prevent portscanning.  That's easy.  The point of the thread,
for the others out there, was that I should not have to.  If you're trying
to connect to my system, chances are you know it as a webserver, ftp
server, or email server based on how you found it.  So, why does Joe
Sixpack need to scan my system?  He doesn't.

My service provider could make the case, provided they told me up-front or
in a policy-change letter (agreement or whatever).  Then, it's something
I'd frankly ignore (well, log it, but not worry about it).

I do admit...this thread is rather worn out.  I figure we've all said our
piece...so I'm gonna bow out unless something prompts me to do otherwise.


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