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Re: FW: Legal? Road Runner proactive scanning.[Scanned]
From: Charles Otstot <charles.otstot () ncmail net>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 13:28:22 -0500

Jef Feltman wrote:

Yes, it is reasonable. You agree to allow others to send packets to you host
as soon as you connect it to the internet. By this act you give permission
to the world. The port they send to does not make a difference as far as
legal or not. Attaching a host to the internet is like opening your business
to the public. There is no other way to request info about services
available from a host other than a port scan.


To use your previous analogy...
If your mother called you and said someone was knocking on various doors at her home, would you consider such activity alright or would you immediately call the police and report a possible prowler?

In response to your statement that "There is no other way to request info about services available from a host other than a port scan.": This statement is categorically false. One can contact the host owner through other means (e.g. email or the telephone) and *ask* what servies they intend to be publicly accessible. Indeed, I maintain that one is obligated to do so before communicating with any hosts on that owner's network whose services are in doubt. Basically, my belief is that if you don't own it, you have no right to access it without permission. If there is any doubt as to whether you have permission (even for a cusrory scan of seeing what might be there), you must ask, and receive permission before going any further. This is not a technical concept, it is the simple moral concepts of right and wrong and of respecting the rights of others.



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