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Re: Wireless Ethereal
From: Markus Schabel <markus.schabel () tgm ac at>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 20:05:10 +0100

jburzenski () americanhm com wrote:
Has anyone used Ethereal to capture wireless traffic, and if
so, can you point me to any resources documenting wireless Ethereal usage?

Ethereal will display the wireless packet data in much the same way wired
packets are displayed except that you will see more control packets and
such.  Decoding will not be possible unless you are monitoring an
unencrypted network (at which point you are doing IP over 802.11).  The
packet details are mostly self explanatory (web enabled, channel, etc.).

If you're using any spoofing technices you can sniff all traffic on
encrypted wireless networks. If you are in the network and run
arp-spoofing you'll get all packets unencrypted (to be correct:
encrypted with your own key), and I don't see any possibility to deny
this except with static arp tables on the clients - which is a bit
complicated if you have roaming clients...

best regards

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