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Re: Linux Distribution Recomendation
From: Alvin Oga <alvin.sec () Virtual Linux-Consulting com>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 10:15:35 -0800 (PST)

hi ya kareem

you left out an important or not imporant "spec"

Hello list,
I would like to have recommendation for a Linux Distribution satisfying the
a- Secure enough for Buisness applications ( i.e. Mail Server)
b- Kind of Easy to manage and use.
c- Available Updates maintained by the production company.

  d- free / opensource

in either case..
        - all distro is secure nough for a corp mail server 
        - all mail server apps are easy to install, setup and use
        - all distro provides updates for free and in a timely manner

what is NOT provided and makes each distro "look different" is
the admin that is doing the work .. and the corp philosophy using
that mail server

most peoples choices are
        redhat foo distribution .. fairly common and thusly most
        easily hacked due to number script kiddie packages
                - and also generates the most $$$$ of revenue
                for outside support :-) because those looking
                for help has a redhat box :-0

        suse .... at least they have NOT yet said they will
        stop supporting their old distro in favor of newer
        ones costing thousands of $$$
                - ditto for those looking for outside help

        debian distro ... you gotta like command line features
                - too klutsy for newbies to use
                - too far behind on the "latest releases" imho

        slackware ... quietly been working since day-1
        without much hipe or problems
        ( i'd use it given that no one else cares which distro is used )

        hundreds/thousands of other linux distro ... pick one ..

-- just what i see, when people asking for "help we need this that
   and whatever widgets fixed asap"

-- security issues
        - does the company have a written security plan for its
        users to use the company computers ??
        - for the corp mail server ...
                - nobody gets to log into it
                - run your antispam and antivirus filters on it

        - setup a separate pop server for users to get their mail
                - make sure their pop mail login is NOT the same
                as their email name   ..joe () foo com  vs joeLastName as login

        - on and on .. hundreds of "gotchas"

        - 90% - 95% of downtime is caused by its users and its admin

        - more fun stuff ...

fun stuff...

c ya

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