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Re: Public Web server Help
From: mike () genxweb net
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 18:38:20 +0000

Check out virtualmin at virtualmin.com it is a module for the webmin software
and runs great on red hat. It will also do everything you listed in the email

Quoting Alexander Lukyanenko <sashman () ua fm>:

Hello Shawn,

Friday, March 26, 2004, 8:34:43 PM, you wrote:

SJ>    I have a question for the Linux/UNIX guru's out there. Currently I
SJ> host a few people (projects I helped out with at one time or another) on
SJ> my servers at home. They get Email, Web, FTP, etc. The hosting was done
SJ> on one Win 2K box. In a effort to secure myself better I'm migrating
SJ> them to a Red Hat Linux 8 server, for Web/FTP and MySQL, Email and
SJ> others to be done latter, on different servers.

SJ> My plan is to setup a htdocs or public_html directory in their home
SJ> folder, under that will be each domain that the server hosts for them,
SJ> (some of them have multiple domains). Using FTP I can easily lock them
SJ> in their home directories but I also want to allow SSH access to the
SJ> server so they can get work done easier.

SJ> Does anyone know of any of have any document on how to lock users in
SJ> their home directories using SSH? In the UNIX/Telnet world there was a
SJ> way, I just don't know if it migrated to the Linux world.

Why? They won't be able to access other user's directories nor do any
harm to a properly configured system.

SJ> Does anyone know of any or have any documents on how to properly setup
SJ> Apache (HTTPD) for this environment. I've setup normal websites using
SJ> Apache, Virtual Hosts, Aliases, etc but this seams to be a different
SJ> beast altogether. 
For the simplest approach in form of http://foo.bar/~username, look at
Apache module called mod_userdir.

SJ> Does anyone know of any or have any documents on how to setup MySQL for
SJ> this environment? My first theory was to setup a single DB, then create
SJ> databases on demand, but is there a way to let each user setup their own
SJ> 'instance' in their home directory? 
In commercial shared hosting environment, every user's database is
named username_dbname to prevent all kinds of namespace collisions,
so the DBs are separated, and only the user is given access to it.

SJ> Anyone dealt with this situation, any help or nudges/kicks in the right
SJ> direction is appreciated. Thanks!
I've used a commercial package for web-based shared server management
for Linux/FreeBSD called cPanel WHM http://www.cpanel.net/ It seems to
be overpriced, but I have no doubts in the existence of cheaper and/or
open-source management products.

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