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Re: Secure host newbie
From: Simon Lemieux <lemieuxs () ca inter net>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 15:17:55 -0500

There are many, many security issues for each of the services that you
are going to be using.  First of all, you need to consider whether or
not you are going to use the default kernel for 7.3, which some consider
to be rather buggy.  If the underlying OS is buggy, then all your
security work would be for naught anyway.  I would strongly suggest
using a new version of RH that comes with a more robust kernel.

Unfortunately I have no choice upon the version of Redhat that will be installed, though I can freely recompile the kernel with a newer one.

Though I have never done this, I don't know if it works well this way and I'll have to read a lot on the subject before proceeding.

If the redhat distribution is at fault, I'll have to ask my host provider to install a newer version of it. Though, I think they would charge me for that! ;)

Without knowing more about each of the processes you are running it's
hard to recommend anything to you.  What Apache version are you running?
Are you going to use Sendmail? Lots to be concerned about.

Right now the host is not yet functionnal, and appart from Apache (latest version), I haven't stopped my choice on any particular software to use. I'm open to suggestion for all the services mentionned.

Your email did not mention anything about a firewall?  If you are going
to hang this poor box out 'sans' firewall, then keeping it secure is
going to be a hard task.

No, there will be a firewall, that's the first thing that will be installed. It should be a very thorough firewall since I'll be reading a lot on many security mailing lists and reading some documents that describe intrusion techniques, etc...

I suggest getting a good book on RedHat security from Amazon.  Even if
you are on a tight budget, it's money well spent.

Ok, I'll certainly give that a shot!

Thanks a lot,

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