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Re: Secure host newbie
From: Simon Lemieux <lemieuxs () ca inter net>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 02:10:40 -0500

Hmm, I'd recommend Red Hat 9.0. If you *have* to use RH 7.3 just
remember to grab the most recent kernel, well even with RH 9.0 you would still
to do that. I don't recommend Fedora, if you wanted to stay in Red Hat's

I'll have to update kernels, for sure, I have no choice right now over RH 7.3...

First, if you going to use Red Hat, (or Debian) grab APT-Get, from http://apt.freshrpms.net/ and run apt-get dist-upgrade. Seaming you
get a RHN account anymore. There are other tools out there for that, but
APT is
the only one I use on a day-to-day basis.

If you're new to Linux head on over to http://easyfwgen.morizot.net/, or
any other iptables generator and generate a iptables script. I'm sure the more Linux guys among us can recommend a better one, but I use that one for quick little deployments, works fine.

Grab the newest RPM's for Httpd, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, etc. Pick a good FTP
server, vsFTPd works fine IMHO but some people don't care for it. I'd recommend Postfix for SMTP/POP3 services, again a better mail server then sendmail IMHO.

I'll take this in consideration, though I really was thinking on reading some documents before even thinking of doing anything. The first thing I read is about iptables, I already know much about it (I've played a lot with it in the past) and I just need a good refreshment. Then I'll look into Apache, PHP and MySQL in depth... And so on...

Great source for Linux HowTo's and General system information.

Has some good Documents and Articles.

*The* resource for Red Hat information and guides.

For specific products, (Apache, Postfix, etc) the homepages for those
projects will be loaded with information and guides.

If you don't have very good hardware, I've found that OpenBSD (maybe
FreeBSD) runs much better then *NIX. OpenBSD has a much smaller footprint then Linux, which is good for lower-end systems.

Thank you very much, I took note of all I need to read!


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