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Re: Hard Drive data security
From: "J. Theriault" <administrator () maginetworks com>
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2004 14:28:47 +0200

Leong Kok Wah Kenneth wrote:

I have heard many people suggesting using hdd wiping program to permanently 'wash' the hdd until the data was unrecoverable. But questions are -

1. where do we get 'free' disk wiping program from the net?

For free and easy, I would recommend the Ultimate Boot CD
since it contains many useful utilities, including:
- Hard Disk Wiping -
AutoClave       0.3
Active@ KillDisk Free Edition   3.0
Darik's Boot and Nuke      1.0.3
PC INSPECTOR e-maxx     0.95 Build 775

I've found Autoclave to preform properly and I recommend it's use.

2. what assurance that it will do a good job using the 'free' disk wiping program as they are compared commerical licensed ones?

Free ones are usually made by independent developers to serve their own
purposes and they are usually more trustworthy than a company who might
have other interests. The best method to know who to trust is, of
course, to test it. Open up the hard drive in a Hex editor and view it
after it's been wiped to see if the wipe was actually wiping ;).

3. Without using any hdd wiping s/w, has anyone try this method before and confirmed that they are not able to recover data of the
1st set original set. (ie leaving the 1st original data intact, use
ghost image or any other imaging s/w and restore any data image into
the hdd. Next, use the fdisk and then re-format the hdd. Now, use any
recovery software (any eg) tools and test to see if the recovered
data belonging to the currently restored data (ie the imaged data) or
the 1st original data?

This is a good example of how hard disk wiping software works, is works by writing over the existing data multiple times (usually with random data) to help ensure the erasure of data.

J. Theriault
administrator () maginetworks com

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