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Re: sniffing in a switched network - a presentation on ARP spoofing
From: Manu Garg <manugarg () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 15:16:16 -0400

Thanks for the comments Bill!

Overflowing the switch's ARP table is easier, but it's more
detectable, as it affects the whole network not just the machines in

Anyways, I'll make it a point to mention it in the presentation. It
needs some polishing for sure.


On 6/14/05, Bill Nye <skinnay () gmail com> wrote:
since the paper assumes the reader doesnt know its possible to sniff a
switched network, you could also mention it's usually possible (and
easier) just to overflow the switch's arp table.

On 6/13/05, Manu Garg <manugarg () gmail com> wrote:
Many of us know that sniffing is possible in a shared i.e.
non-switched ethernet environment. But only few of us know that
sniffing is also possible in a switched ethernet environment. One of
the reasons is that it's not that straighforward. But it's not
impossible or difficult. You can use man in the middle technique like
ARP spoofing to sniff in a switched environment.

This presentation is an attempt to explain how can somebody sniff in a
switched ethernet using ARP spoofing. Dsniff has existed for long as a
tool for various sniffing activities. But recently, tools like
EttercapNG have made it easier.

Link to my original post and presentation -

Manu Garg
"Truth will set you free!"

Manu Garg
"Truth will set you free!"

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