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Re: Hacked again???
From: mod.sparda () gmail com
Date: 15 Jun 2005 22:52:51 -0000

You say again, this has happened befor?

Anyway, what kind of internet connection dose the computer have? Is it a direct connection (like a USB ADSL device or 
USB cable modem) or behind a router, gateway or Proxy?

If it has a direct connection then it is more probable that you "got hacked" as you put it how ever unlikly it is, it 
has to happen to some one. If it is behind a gateway, router or proxy id check the config to see if there is any 
supisuse port forwarding.

Other things to check include: Checking all windows startup lists (including the startup folder in the startmenu and 
the registry startup lists) I would recomend Spybot Search and Destroy for that. msconfig.exe is very bad at doing 
this, even thow that is what it was desighed to do, perhaps thats indicated by the letters MS in it's name ;). You 
should also check for new service, user acounts and look to see what files where created and modifed on the night of 
the aleged hack.

What processes where running when you went to bed?

And I'd like to say that kerio is good, but if i had the choice I would go with Zone Alarm Free, I user Zone Alarm Pro 
personaly. In saying that ZA Pro only has like 1 maybe 2 more featurs then ZA Free that I actualy use even thogh it has 
10 or more featurs then ZA Free. Hope I helped :) (Sorry for bad spelling)

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