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RE: Securing Backups via Encryption
From: Atom Smasher <atom () smasher org>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 11:00:44 -0400 (EDT)

If you would not mind sharing some of your solutions.

What are you using to encrypt data that goes to tape?
What are you using to encrypt data that goes to disk?
What are you using to encrypt data that goes to an offsite storage
facility via web (ie. Xdrive or similar service offsite service)? What
services do you employ to handle secure backups offsite?

snippet from one of my backup scripts:


gpg_encrypt () {
     ## simple function to set GPG options in one place
     ## and allow a very short command below
     gpg -v --cipher-algo twofish --s2k-cipher-algo blowfish --compress-algo bzip2 -z 9 -cer 0xD9F57808

tar cvf - /path/to/data | gpg_encrypt > /dynamo/file.pgp


/dynamo is my dynaMO drive.

note that this is encrypted BOTH symmetrically and asymmetrically... if i 
have my keyring intact it's convenient to decrypt using the asymmetric 
key, but if my keyring is lost it's nice to have another way to recover 
the data. since the data being backup up includes my keyring it's a real 
possibility that i might have to recover the data and not have 
(convenient) access to my secret key.


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