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Re: Resetting the root password (was: user name from security logs)
From: Chandan <chandanasha () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 12:48:38 +0530


You can do it as
press CTRL  x and type linux -s if you are running lilo. Then press enter
you you are in single usermode. change the admin password  using
command passwd. and reboot the machine.


On 5/31/05, Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers <bugtraq () planetcobalt net> wrote:
On 2005-05-29 Emmanuel Goldstein wrote:
I've recently started to work in an Internet Cafe wich has a network
of 10 Pc's running linux (Debian Woody). The thing is that the guy
that was in charge of the network left without leaving the admin
password cause he was fired, so now we can only access the computers
with a regular user account.

I have physical access to the computer and i can also access all hd's
files using a LiveCD linux distribution.

So, here's my question:  Is there anyway to change the admin password
and/or get the machine's control back?  If not, Do i have to backup
and reinstall linux on every box?

Try "init=/bin/sh" at the boot prompt.

And please do not hijack threads. If you have a new topic write a new
mail instead of replying to some other thread. Thanks.

Ansgar Wiechers
"All vulnerabilities deserve a public fear period prior to patches
becoming available."
--Jason Coombs on Bugtraq

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