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Lose the 'tude bub... (was: WMF Exploit Patch Released)
From: "Burton Strauss" <Burton () FelisCatus org>
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 09:41:57 -0600

NT is a 10 year old OS.  Want support for your 10 year old OS from Microsoft
- offer to pay what it really costs to support it - a couple of engineers
full-time through Microsoft Consulting, maybe?  They told you when they were
going to drop support, extended it a couple of times because of customer
needs and finally did drop it.

Same thing for the Mac OS of that vintage, mainframe 10 year old OSes, etc.

There are dozens of web sites which will sell you 10 year old and
new/remanufactured 3Com gear.  Why?  Because it makes money for them.

Want parts for your 10 year old car?  Don't ask GM/Ford/VW ... Go
aftermarket.  If there is demand, somebody makes it... Or visit the junk

Want support for your 2 year old Linux distro?  Don't ask RedHat/Novell/et
al -- either look to the aftermarket (Fedora Legacy) or roll your own...


But if Microsoft does it, it's some deep dark conspiracy...


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Subject: Re: WMF Exploit Patch Released

According to Microsoft, WinNT4 and Win2k SP3 users are out of luck. 
Their reccomended "solution" is to upgrade your software to a supported
version.  Obviously, all this means is that they have no solution at all,
but this is hardly the first time that MS has stuck it to WinNT4 users as
part of an attempt to get them all moved over to 2k SP4.  As for the
viability of disabling the DLL's in question, while I haven't had any
problems as a result of doing that on the 2k boxes in the office, I haven't
had the opportunity to test its impact on NT systems.  That seems to be the
only way of removing the exploit from your machines though, and I'd be
interested in knowing the results of your attempts.

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