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Re: SSH server under attack...
From: hytham.a () securityfocus com, gmail () securityfocus com, com () securityfocus com
Date: 25 Jan 2006 17:50:04 -0000

I'd have to say that a DoS against your users is highly unlikely given the type of attack that is occuring based on the 
logs you have posted; only 3 attempts per username before moving on to the next account.  Why?  Most sensible admins 
would configure MaxAuthTries in /etc/sshd_config to a value of 3, max.  This limits the attacker to a finite number 
before having to move on to the next account to attack preventing their scripts from focusing on a single account.  
IMO, what you have is a plain and simple brute force attempt that has 2 obvious goals in mind: 1) determing valid 
accounts 2) looking for weak passwords associated to those accounts.

Simply changing your sshd listening port is a very small step in securing your host when looking at it from the big 
picture.  Most would argue, and I would wholeheartedly agree, that it is security through obscurity.


1) run on a different port - slows down an attacker temporarily (as witnessed)
2) use an external authentication source - radius/rsa configured via PAM modules
3) PublicKey Authentication
4) Port Knock Sequencing authentication using IPTables (*relatively* new to the white hat community, but around for 
quite some time).
5) Possibly create a chroot jail for your users

Using some of the aforementioned recommendations will help in stopping brute force attempts from becoming a nightmarish 
reality :)

All sensible comments welcome!

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