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RE: University Degree or CISSP
From: "Craig Wright" <cwright () bdosyd com au>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 12:12:52 +1100


A logical "or" includes either item A, item B or a combination of items
A and B.

An "exclusive OR" was not mentioned and "or" may in fact represent
either of two alternatives 'or' both.

"Or" may be used to indicate a synonymous or equivalent expression. The
conjecture may also indicate uncertainty or indefiniteness.

Thus there is a valid argument in the affirmative for the acceptance of
"both". "both" dictates a valid answer to the question both through an
indication of uncertainty or indefiniteness to the choice and also poses
the question as the value of either in pure comparison.


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From: evb [mailto:swiver () cox net]
Sent: 26 January 2006 12:20
To: security-basics () securityfocus com
Subject: RE: University Degree or CISSP

College is intended to teach people how to think and communicate, both
verbally in writing.  The CISSP is not.  To bring Bill Gates into this I
think is to steer a bit of course. 

Further, the question was presented as an either/or question, so the
answer of "both" doesn't count.


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:From: Toby Barrick [mailto:tbarrick () cox net]
:Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 2:52 PM
:To: Ken Kousky; security-basics () securityfocus com
:Subject: Re: University Degree or CISSP
:With you as a degree holder (I assume that you are) I'm sure :that you
feel that way about a degree. The fact of the matter :is that a degree
is a piece of paper, a mark on a stick as to :what you have spent in
dollars and time. A CISSP is a mark on :a stick as to what you know
(memorized) about security related :issues (plus whatever money was
spent). Neither of which, in :the real word is worth it's weight in
:I know lots of folks that have PhD that are worthless. Yeah :they bang
down the bucks due to the paper on the wall, but :they are totally
clueless. I know mechanics that make more :than I do investing in
:I'm not a big fan of the guy but take Bill Gates for example.
:He does not have a degree, he dropped out of college. I'd :actually be
surprised if he even has any certifications.
:The bottom line counts in this world is vision, insight, :intuition,
hard work, and a feel for situations that whisper :"this is not right,"
I can fix it - then acting on that thought.
:Ok - I'm sure the flames will fly in my face, but that is my opinion.
:Have a great day.
:Ken Kousky wrote:
:> This is the craziest conversation I ever heard of - there is NO :>
comparison between a REAL degree and CISSP. CISSP is great, valuable :>
and vital but it isn't in any way comparable.
:> Simply put, if you don't have a degree - get one and get the :best
one :> you can.
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:> From: Huang, John, GCM [mailto:John.Huang () rbsgc com] :> Sent: Monday,
January 23, 2006 1:41 PM :> To: security-basics () securityfocus com :>
Subject: RE: Re: University Degree or CISSP :> :> Degree or CISSP? It
depends on where you are in life. A degree helps :> you in the door and
advancement into a management position usually :> require a college
degree. But if you're already in the field :and don't :> have a college
degree, a CISSP cert is easier to obtain in a shorter :> amount of time,
and provide more immediate benefit since you can put :> the things you
learn into use.
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:> From: shyaam () gmail com [mailto:shyaam () gmail com] :> Sent: Friday,
January 20, 2006 10:25 PM :> To: security-basics () securityfocus com :>
Subject: Re: Re: University Degree or CISSP :> :> Yes, :> Very true.
Nothing counts equivalent to experience, but experience :> comes only
when someone starts somewhere. I have seen one big thing :> happening
around. People in the industries shifted from :technology to :>
business, that is the point when they lost the security and created :>
more loopholes in their own products as they reduced the :time needed,
:> reduced budgets and spent more on advertisements and marketing.
:> How does that reflect on people. They need people already with :>
experience. But how is that possible. Everybody needs to start :>
somewhere. So experience does count, but I would say some :foundation,
:> some added qualification and some experience is good for a cool job.
:> For a startup job, some degree and some cert is essential.
:> PS: This is my opinion, I am not pointing out any company or any :>
private organization.
:> -S-

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