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Re: Security Awareness
From: gmx <pal_adam () gmx net>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 22:02:26 +0200

Hello razk,

I dont think that you should go that far ie. hacking and stuff...
Unfortunately most people are attracted to the 'dark path' without
undestanding the basics.
What kinds in that age mostly do is chatting, and as described in that
list, that is a potential danger in that age.
Most people dont even need special social engineering skills to
manipulate children, and the annonymity given by the internet can be
misused that way.
I think you should find a way to show them, that they must trust the
person they chat with, as much as a stranger on the street or at the
door, means no trust.
You could for instance ask someone to chat with them without they
knowing its a 'test' and to impersonate a false identity, at the end
of the chat you could present them the real person and explain again
how easy it is to be 'influenced'.
So you could ensure that they see how chat can lead to false
Take it just as an idea, the most important thing behind is, to
(*) show weak points
(*) show that internet can influence people if they are not sceptic
(*) bring them to think more sceptical while chatting


Adam Pal

Sunday, July 16, 2006, 4:21:56 PM, you wrote:

<==============Original message text===============
rsc> Hello

rsc> As part of a voluntary act, I would like to give lectures
rsc> on security awareness to kids between the ages of 7-14

rsc> Could you please provide me some starting points of the
rsc> major issues I should present to them?

rsc> This should be VERY basic stuff due to their ages.

rsc> Thank you.

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