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MS in information security
From: shyaam () gmail com
Date: 19 Jul 2006 17:16:34 -0000

If you have really been in the field or in anything for a long time, you would understand that all that matters is not 
the degree. This is not a personal statement, but it would be nice if we dont discuss about any private individual in 
About the degree, it all depends on the individual. The insititue can never be blamed for that. If an individual is 
putting the fullest extent of his knowledge and the efforts to learn more, by practically implementing or 
investigating(aka researching) on what he wants to do and currently doing, then he has the full fruit of his success in 
the form of degree. What some people do is, enroll in group projects and let their groupmates do the job. What happens 
in this case, the guy who does the entire job gets a B because he concentrated on the completion of the project, where 
as the guy who gave it to the other guy got an A, because he read all the theory matter. What is the moral? It is not 
the grade or the degree that matters or neither the school, but that doesnt mean that a degree is not important. There 
are so many people who has learnt it the hard way in going through a degree. Does that mean that the fruit of their 
success is just a paper that the earn that has their name
  in it with degree. NOPE. The ones who learnt it the hard way will sail through tomorrow's market, and the ones who 
learnt it for A grade will still live in theory. But they will sink one day, as their goal was not to learn but the 
grade that they get.
If people are realizing about this in a more practical perspective instead of a management's perspective it is more 
If for example, The duty of a security professional is to patch the mistakes made by the developer's, and if he himself 
doesnt know the mistake because he doesnt have practical exposure, he immediately blames the degree that he earned and 
that his school did not teach him. SO DID I, but I realized, schools just give a chance and a learning environment, the 
real teacher is in you, and the teacher whom you think as the real teacher is just a guide. The choice is in your hands.


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